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By Henry Peirse - 28 Jul 2017

Hi Petra, great to talk with you. Where are you located ?

I’m in Berlin, Germany

What do you do?

As a former Australian lawyer turned independent media professional with very little knowledge of the media and communication industries in Germany and Europe, I have found Paydesk a great help in propelling “my brand”. My brand is ultimately me, I can’t hide behind a logo or a corporation:  people come to me because they value my insights and expertise in gender policy, law, business/innovation/startups, social justice issues and my ability to communicate these succinctly and interestingly in any one of several languages to a global audience.

How did you find out about Paydesk?

As with all things on the internet, somewhere in that grey zone between productivity and procrastination, I read about Paydesk on twitter towards the end of 2016 and created a profile the next day.  I was impressed with the ease of profile creation and no sign up fees.

What does Paydesk do differently to help you succeed in your media career?

The ease of the platform to tailor your individual profile, add in relevant online, pdf, audio and visual elements of your media portfolio and select unlimited skills journalism/media skill set. Other freelancer websites are too generic and not tailored to the skill set that producers and editors are really looking for, especially the speaking/presentation, live video or radio interview, writing and language skills.

By far the most relevant feature is the “rapid job alert” which is sent to both your mobile and email: so where ever you are in the world you can accept the job within literally the click of a button.

Also by localising jobs, it enables a more efficient /targeted alert- response dynamic. This is what happened when the G20 Africa Summit was hosted in Berlin mid-June 2017. I was contacted via pay desk firstly for two sets of live radio interviews with Voice of America in Washington. As that producer really liked my work, his colleague in the TV department at VOA contacted me later that day to do a live skype TV interview also on the G20 Summit focusing more on gender policy and women in the digital economy.

Lastly, not having to worry about writing invoices and chasing payment across different timezones is also attractive. Especially when, like me, you have other media clients and simultaneous projects in different countries (and a baby and toddler!)  to juggle.

You can commission Petra through her Paydesk page:
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