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Abdelmaksoud Elmalllah

Energetic experienced professional with wide experience in media and business communications including journalism, news gathering, one-man crew, content creation, editing, CMS management, and high-level sources coverage. 

My  professional experience includes digital media/ printed media/ TV producing news based and feature stories; as well as awareness of the process to establish an office for a foreign media in Egypt.

I had an extensive experience as a professional journalist with a focus on youth and civil society affairs, in addition to covering official governmental, regional, and international organisations including but not limited to ministry of manpower, ILO, some conferences at Arab league...

I've attended many training courses on politics, one of these courses was at Naser Military Academy, that introduced topics related to national security, geo-politics of Midle East region, radicalism, and terrorism, last but not least I've worked as a TV producer and PR freelancer, so that I'm always ready to help in these fields.

Arabic English

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