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In June 2016, the record library of Radio France put eight thousand records up for sale by auction. The records range from production sounds, to French chanson, world music, pop and jazz. (Radio France Internationale)


An Irishman's Diary (The Irish Times) I was standing on the main street in a small town in Ethiopia, a few hours south of the capital Addis Ababa, studying a noticeboard outside a bar. It listed the times of what I imagined were football matches, probably the English Premier League.


Ethiopia's Circus Debre Berhan (BBC Africa) Armed with some basic juggling implements, a few tumbling mats and a flair for costume-making, a circus in a small Ethiopian town has turned itself into a professional troupe.


Italy's migrant football team (BBC Africa) A Lazio fan in Italy has set up a football team with a group of young refugees and migrants to counter racism and give them something to do. Liberi Nantes in plays in the Italian amateur league, and most of its 30-strong squad is made up of Africans.


Harar: the city of beer and mosques (BBC, From Our Own Correspondent) Ethiopia's historic city of Harar is one of Islam's holiest centres - but in recent times it has built up another tradition and is now also known for its brewery.


Burundi's cycling team rides home (BBC, From Our Own Correspondent). Burundi's cycling team had to rely on donations for their bikes and kits. And when it came to getting to the competition, held in another country, there was only one way they could afford to travel.

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