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Alberto Payo

Alberto Payo is a journalist based in Mérida and Madrid, Spain. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication by Universidad Complutense and in Journalism by Universidad Carlos III is a very skilled and 360 professional. He can write articles and reports, make interviews, take pictures and video, edit clips, attend events and fairs and coordinate teams with different profiles. 

Alberto has 15 years of experience in media. He has worked for TV, radio, print and for digital. He has been Editor In Chief for Itespresso and is co-founder for Applicantes, the first website with daily information about mobile apps. He worked or contributed also in El Mundo, El Español, TVE, Telemadrid, Muy Interesante, Stuff, Merca2 con Bloomberg or Gizmodo. 

Specialized in technology and culture he usually writes a lot about startups and apps. He can write about any tech, company or project. Fast, creative and proper, Alberto can be your best choice in Spain.


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TV program about smartphones when I was the presenter.


Report in depth and investigation about fraud in Spanish startups.


Interview with Nolan Bushnell, co-founder for Atari and the father of videogames.

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