Alex Kathy Katayi

Alex Kathy Katayi

Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic

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Alex Kathy Katayi

Alex Kathy Katayi is a journalist and CEO of the panafrican news agency JUKA AFRICA AGENCY, based in Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic, with more than 30 correspondants around Africa. 
Alex Kathy Katayi worked before for VOA , France24, Vox Africa, Radio Okapi,, RFI,AFP. 
Alex Kathy Katayi holds a Master's degree in Journalism and a Master II in Media Management from ESJ Lille (France). He is a trainer in radio and TV journalism.
He created his news agency in 2014. JUKA AFRICA AGENCY covers hot news, economy, sport, culture, entertainment. She also produces documentaries and films.


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Jean-Bertrand Ewanga (assis au milieu) avec à ses côtés Koloso Sumayili (G) et Bruno Mavungu (D), membres de l’opposition congolaise, lors d’un meetting contre la révision de la Constitution, à Kinshasa, le 4 août 2014. © AFP PHOTO / KATHY KATAYI KAYEMBE



One of my old audio report for VOA french service 6 years ago!



JUKA AFRICA AGENCY is a panafrican news agency based in Kinshasa, DR Congo with video journalist around Africa. We are covering breaking news, sport, economy, society, features etc. And I'm the CEO of this young news agency



  • Gabon Social distress

    Kinshasa, Congo The Democratic Republic Business July 31 @ 12:00am

    In Gabon, it is social distress. Prices have risen sharply in markets and supermarkets. The waltz of the labels at the origin of the expensive life was observed after the entry into force on 15 March last of a new tax to help Gabonese economically weak. The Gabonese state believed well but the... Read more

  • Cameroun Maroua Stone Breaking Women

    Cameroun Business July 31 @ 12:00am

    Cameroon: Every day, more than 200 women and children gather at the bottom of these mountains, the aim is to fetch big stones in the mountain, that they go down to break and transform into gravel. A gravel resold and the money earned is used to take care of their families, this in a city where the... Read more

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