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Alexandra Locke

Alexandra Locke is a multimedia journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. She previously worked for Al Jazeera English in Washington DC for three years, and has lived in Syria and Jordan.



For PRI's The World: Istanbul is home to 100,000 stray dogs by some estimates, and they don’t receive nearly the same amount of love and attention as their street cat neighbors. In Turkey, golden retrievers in particular are a status symbol, but many dogs end up abandoned. Meanwhile, US golden rescue waiting lists are filled up with requests. Now volunteers are celebrating their 1,000th Turkish golden retriever airlifted to the US.



For PRI's The World: Turkey is marking a year since a thwarted coup attempt rocked the country, and its public spaces bear the marks. The date is now part of Turkish history and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government is making sure people don't lose sight of it. It’s unveiling new monuments and has already renamed various schools, mosques, swimming pools, bus and train stations, even entire neighborhoods — all after July 15. In daily life, though, the names depend on whom you ask.

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