Dr. Andrew Baer

Dr. Andrew Baer is a journalist based in Washington, United States of America.

I was born in 1952.  The next year, the US government in concert with the UK, fomented the Mordat Coup ousting the most progressive and competent leader that Iran has had in the modern era, Mohammad Mosaddegh.  The reason was that he wanted to audit the books of the Anglo-American Oil Company to see if he could obtain a better deal for Iran. When the company refused his request, the Iranian Parliment nationalized their oil.  He was replaced by the US puppet, the Shah.  The rest as they say, is history. Since that time, the list of US incursions into the affairs of sovereign nations is as long as my arm.  The cost financially, ruined, and lost lives is staggering.  We have seen endless wars paid for by US taxpayers and borrowed money the result of which has been the decay of our infrastructure and the overall moral decline of our society.  It is time for this to end.

I have lived in the DC environs since 1978.  Both personally and professionally, I have come to know people who work for the US government, just about any three letter agency one can think of.  You would be surprised what patients will talk about with their physicians, especially a particularly inquisitive and persuasive one.  Now retired from medicine, I am interested in investigative journalism on a quest to ferret out the truth, however unpopular it may be.

At present, I answer questions on Quora over a broad range of topics.

I plan on creating a video channel and blog covering national and geopolitical issues.


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