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Ardiles Rante

Award winner multimedia producer, fixer and photographer/videographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Services : 
1. Film Permits, Journalist Visa and etc 
2. Documentary, Short Film, Live Streaming, Multicam Event 
3. Videography 
4. Photojournalism 
5. Location Sound Mixer, Sound Systems


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Angry asylum seekers demand money back.

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Balinese people of Datah Village collect clean water from water source in a jungle near their village in Karangasem regency, about 100 km from Denpasar, capital of Bali Province, Indonesia, Saturday, 06 November 2004. The 1,000 poor people who live in the village it is very difficult to have access to clean water due the drought season. Also they cannot buy clean water because this is so expensive, said the head of the villagers, Nyoman Simpen. The villagers use the water for cooking, drinking and washing

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The stone-age whale hunters who kill with their bare hands. For more info :


Sea Shepherd has released dramatic footage, including drone footage, of the sinking of the last of the “Bandit 6” toothfish poaching vessels, the Viking, in Pangandaran, West Java.


The world famous Smoking Baby from Indonesia - Aldi Rizal


Live Streaming - Break Free Indonesia 2017


Video reportage of haze crisis from the hottest spot in Borneo caused by forest fires in Central Borneo 2015.

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