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Arpita Sinha

Arpita Sinha is documentary filmmaker and video journalist based in India. Over the last 12 years, Arpita has travelled widely across the 25 states of India covering stories on issues ranging from Public Policy and Citizenship, Sustainable development, Gender, Minority and Labour Rights, Social Justice, Secularism , Education, Health, Science and Technology, Environment and Architectural Conservation.

She writes, directs, shoots and edits shorter assignments herself and works with a crew for longer ones.
Arpita has also worked as a fixer for international documentary and radio crews in the National Capital Region of India.

Arpita is trained in Journalism at the Lady Shri Ram college for Women (Delhi University) and holds a Masters in Documentary Filmmaking from the University of London (Royal Holloway)

English Hindi

Each day, an increasing number of girls like Bobby and Rashida are showing up on fields across Delhi - to play football. The perseverance, support and benevolence of passionate coaches and organisations like YFI, UWFL and Butterflies allows football to act as a social leveler - bringing hope where it is most needed. Delhi Youth League's Girls' Football League and Youth Football International is on its way to nurture and harness these girls' love and talent for the game. Each Sunday, Youth Football International organizes the Girls League to get more teams like those of Bobby and Rashida to come and compete with each other. Together, we are working to build a football culture that allows these girls to eventually find livelihoods as referees, coaches and professional players, or simply to be able to play football ...because they want to..


Why do Indians find it hard to talk about sex and body awareness to their kids and youth? As Indian cities notoriously climb up the list of most unsafe cities for women in the world, Anju Kishinchandani makes it her business, to address the elephant in the room. She runs controversial but path-breaking workshops on sex education and body awareness for kids and youth aged 5-18 and their parents.


90 second video for AJ+ about how an NGO is helping pavement dwellers of Mumbai light up their homes for the first time in 20 years, with Solar lights.

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