Ayuba Iliya

Ayuba Iliya

Abuja, Nigeria

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Ayuba Iliya

Ayuba Iliya is a Creative Writer, Freelance Journalist, Blogger, Content Writer, and Political Analyst based in Abuja, Nigeria.

With years of  experience, he has generated content for both Traditional and New media platforms including; Daily Trust, Aso Radio, Business Post Media, Naija Magazine Online, PRTVC Jos, among others.


English Hausa


After 50 years of its existence as an independent nation, Nigeria remains a federation without federalism as its federating units continue to be dependent on federal government's allocation for sustainability, following decades of military rule that tend to deviate from the practice of fiscal federalism to more of a unitary system. Follow the link for full story.


With the reactive approach of government towards flood disaster management and non-cooperation of victims to government prior warnings, costing government billions on crisis management, it became necessary to call for a more deliberate proactive measure and public support to avert the loss of lives and properties. Follow the link for full story.


Ex-governors, now ministers and lawmakers earn double pay in Nigeria as they receive pensions from their respective states while getting paid in their current portfolios. Amidst a biting recession, government officials take home a huge amount of money at the expense of public funds. Follow the link for full story.

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