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Bakhtiyar Zamanov

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Washington, United States of America

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Bakhtiyar Zamanov

Highlights of Qualifications
•	8 years of experience as a Journalist, Producer and Video Editor.
•	Bachelor's degrees in TV production and broadcasting.
•	Excellent verbal and written communication skills including script writing.
•	Fluent in English, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian languages.
•	Known for integrity, reliability, friendliness in work environment, and organizational skills.

Professional Experience
Voice of America, Azerbaijani Service
International Broadcaster, Line Producer and Video Editor, June 2010 - Present 
•	Produce Daily News and Showbiz programs for radio, television and website.    
•	Responsible for making foreign language and English language video packages.
•	Serve simultaneously as solo producer, reporter, videographer and video editor for television and digital news and feature stories for a competitive, quality level international media market. 
•	Handle video, audio and lighting elements on assignment.
•	Independently write, narrate, shoot and edit content from the scratch that tells a compelling story.
•	Use a variety of sources including area experts, social media, daily newspapers or magazines.
•	Prepare integrated, highly-targeted, well-balanced scripts, television packages that capture the attention of the audience. 
•	Edit video using Adobe Premier and Photoshop.
•	Create and edit compelling video content for online platforms to be aired, social media, and streamed and downloaded onto compatible devices.
•	Combine visual effects and live action video to create high impact videos.
•	Set up lighting and audio equipment for location work, operate the portable equipment and work with the other production staff in pre-production planning and production.
•	Oversee all phases of projects including the pre-production, production and post-production, media management and encoding video to various formats.
•	Field and studio recording using cameras and other recording equipment.


Showbiz - Weekly program


World View daily news program


Santa Barbara


One Day in Hollywood - Horrible Bosses 2 premiere/ interview with a paparazzi


Cleveland PA, USA - City of Rock and Roll


Report about Fatherhood


Report about Thomas Edison's home museum


Original report from Jamestown Virginia. Interview with the founder.

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