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Beryl Osindo

Beryl Osindo is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Beryl Osindo is a media and public relations graduate currently undertaking a masters of Arts course in communications. Besides, I am an excellent researcher mostly doing academic papers, blogging, and social media marketing. I am prepared for new challenges in life and I will embrace new opportunities in the communications, PR, marketing, research, and writing fields. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2012 as Public Relations practitioner. 
Two years of engagement in freelance writing enabled me to use different virtual networks to carry out research and to create links with different people across the globe. Through Public relations, I have learned quality liaison skills, communications consultancy, organization tactics, and competitive teamwork capabilities. I am an all-round individual who can work either alone or in a group to achieve nothing short of success in any organization evidenced by recommendations from my previous workplaces.I am a skilled Web and print Content developer with moderator conference expertise for the past three months.


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Nairobi digest is a campus magazine (University of Nairobi) and the stories shared on the platform exhibit high levels of originality. Cosmetic surgery in Africa People have the right to make decisions that are likely to affect them presently and in the future. When a person decides to have a cosmetic surgery, the society needs to respect such choices. Naturally, self-image is the most worthwhile secondary possession an individual can have after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Even though some of these surgical experiments do not yield the expected results, the patients still develop the self-esteem they sought prior to surgery. Most discussions focus on the patient rather than the surgeon. Very few cosmetic surgeons exist in Africa. In Los Angeles, Manhattan, and New York, cosmetic surgeons are some of the wealthiest citizens in such States. A similar scenario applies to the countable cosmetic surgeons in Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt. Many people have no jobs even



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