Carla Green

Carla Green is a radio and print journalist based in Los Angeles with experience reporting on breaking news and collaborating on long-term projects.

Carla Green est une journaliste basée à Los Angeles expérimentée en reportages à la radio et à l'écrit, que ce soit du "breaking news" ou des projets plus long terme.



A reported piece on sexism and inadequate victim support in New Zealand after a dozen female MPs and sexual assault survivors staged a protest in Parliament. Produced for PRI's The World, November 2015.


A Q&A with a New Zealand man advocating on behalf of Syrian citizen journalist and schoolteacher Usama Ajjan, who was kidnapped in Syria alongside three Spanish journalists. The journalists' disappearance made international news – Usama's didn't. Written/reported for VICE in July 2015.


A reported piece on the millions of dollars the agricultural industry pours into research at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and how industry-funded researchers say the money has shaped the work they do. Written/reported for the Otago Daily Times in February 2016.



A news wrap on protests against the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, and the local indigenous Maori opposition to the agreement. Produced for Free Speech Radio News in February 2016.

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