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Tampa, United States of America

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Carole King

Carole King is a United States and Latin America Correspondent, Radio Producer and Political Analyst based in New York/New Jersey as well as frequently reporting from Miami and Tampa, Florida (US), Havana (Cuba),  Mexico City, Rio and Sâo Paulo (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela), and Santiago (Chile). 

Carole is available to GRN clients for breaking news coverage and commissioned producing/reporting projects throughout the Americas.  She has produced news and features for NPR, BBC, RTE AP Network News, The Economist Intelligence Unit/Business International, Public Radio International, American Public Media, ABC-TV News (US), Reuters TV/VISNEWS (US), and VPRO-TV News- Netherlands.  Carole has also lived and worked in Paris, France and Koln and Berlin, Germany.

Languages:  English (native), Spanish (fluent), French (semi-fluent), Portuguese, Russian and German (working knowledge). 

Media:  Live Radio, Print and Social Media Reporting, Radio Packages, Radio News Gathering, Radio Sound Gathering, Fixing,.


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