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The Hague, Netherlands

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Chared Verschuur-Ballo

Freelance multimedia, multiplatform journalist based in The Netherlands. Born and raised in the Philippines, I moved to the Netherlands in 2007 after following a broadcast journalism training through a Nuffic scholarship. I have extensive experience in television reporting, online and print media.


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On 12 November 2015, the “Impact Report for Europe 2015” was launched at the ASTP-Proton fall conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This publication, a collection of successful technology transfer stories, is the second one, the first being published in 2013. I was included in this project as Commissioning Editor and Graphic Designer.


ASTP-Proton’s “Impact Report for Europe” shows how technology transfer contributes for a better world by showcasing successful stories of innovation. As Managing Editor, I commissioned stories, did the final text editing and supervised the graphic design.


The Royal Society's Sir Paul Nurse does not have time to blog but he believes that scientists should not leave communications to communication specialists only. This and more in this issue of the FEMS Focus (quarterly magazine on microbiology).


An interview with National Geographic's Spencer Wells gave us reason to believe that the origins of man can be traced by bacteria in this issue of FEMS Focus (a quarterly magazine on microbiology).


This quarterly magazine on microbiology zooms in on the Flu Pandemic caused by the H1N1.


ZAANDAM, The Netherlands — “There's always noise in this house,” says Catherine Malabanan while preparing the music sheets for her children and husband to follow during a family rehearsal of The Lord's Prayer. She's referring to music. - See more at:


ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands — At less than 10 years old, half-Filipino and half-Dutch siblings Kai and Danique De Wit already know what the victims of the most destructive typhoon in 2013 need. - See more at:


The Hague — No other than Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu handed the International Children's Peace Prize award to 13-year-old Filipino Kesz Valdez on Wednesday in the Hall of Knights in The Hague, The Netherlands. - See more at:


A story about a Filipino woman who sells Filipino products in The Netherlands with her "rolling store".


The Hague, The Netherlands – Nothing beats the comfort of hot soup in cold weather. In the Netherlands, Filipino cruise ship chef Khokoy Cabales wishes to introduce the batchoy as answer to this chilly climate. Read more on A video package of this story was also used by GMA News (Philippines) for broadcast news.

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