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Charli James

Charli James is a Paris, France-based journalist specializing in dynamic video and digital content. She is experienced in all aspects of video production including on-air reporting, producing, shooting and editing. 10 years of experience based in NYC working for ABC News, Huffington Post, Reuters, NBC News and more. EU work permit.

Experienced live and taped news producer, reporter and correspondent.
Domestic and international experience shooting, producing and editing as a video “preditor.”
Specialized in politics, social issues and world news, but can also create great celebrity, travel, culture or fashion content.


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MSNBC Package: Transgender Community Reacts to Bruce Jenner. In advance of Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, Vocativ tracks media speculation about Jenner’s being transgender and spotlights transgender Americans.


Shinkansen 7-Minute Miracle. Shot, produced and edited by Charli James. This viral video has been viewed over 6 million times. Behind the scenes with the Shinkansen bullet train TESSEI cleaning crew to see their train turnaround process.


Charli James ABC News Reporting Reel

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