Dan Boylan

Dan Boylan is a national security reporter at The Washington Times focused on Capitol Hill legislative committees dealing with intelligence, foreign relations and military affairs.
Prior to joining The Times, Mr. Boylan covered the Massachusetts State Legislature and North Carolina General Assembly.
After 9/11, he detoured from daily reporting and served as a Fulbright Fellow in Indonesia and also managed U.S. and U.K. government-funded counterterrorism media projects across the Middle East and Asia while liaising with foreign governments at the highest levels. 
Throughout the years, Mr. Boylan filed datelined foreign correspondence for the Boston Herald, South China Morning Post and The National, in addition to working as an international news editor at Associated Press headquarters.
Mr. Boylan is a graduate of Bates College, lecturer and award-wining filmmaker. He can be reached at dboylan@washingtontimes.com.




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