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Daniel Stemler is a Hungarian video journalist, multimedia producer based in Madrid, Spain. He is interested in international politics, business news and current affairs. His work has appeared in various news agencies and news outlets including Ruptly video news agency, VICE News en Español, EUobserver, Oilprice.com, Yahoo Finance, Warscapes Magazine, The News Hub and others.


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Morocco is currently hosting the 2016 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakesh aiming to further discuss the achievements of COP21 and the Paris Agreement. Morocco is committed to push its energy mix toward renewable sources, but the country’s green energy plans are increasing geopolitical tensions with the disputed territory of Western Sahara.


Sunday’s (20 December) historical general election in Spain has created real uncertainty over the country’s future. Although the conservative Popular Party (PP) confidently won the election, gaining 123 seats in the Spanish parliament, it fell far short to gain absolute majority and be able to form a government alone.


Following positive results in the Spanish regional elections, the Ahora Madrid coalition organised a press conference in Madrid, Monday, where the leader of the party Manuela Carmena explained their plans for the future.


Pablo Iglesias, Secretary-General of the Spanish left-wing party Podemos (“We can”) voted at a polling station in Madrid's Vallecas district, in the regional elections of Spain on Sunday. Pablo Iglesias stressed that the election was a fundamental step towards political change in Spain. He said that although the regional and general elections were “different electoral processes,” they were part of the same “cycle of change.”


Hundreds of people marched through the centre of Madrid, Sunday to show their support for a Greek 'No' vote in Sunday's referendum on whether to accept or reject new austerity measures by the country's international creditors.

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