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London, United Kingdom

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Dominica Lim

I'm a creative storyteller, writer, filmmaker, and mixed media martial artist - which means I've got every move in the bag (i.e. end to end from ideas and experimentation, strategy, content creation, SEO, design, coding, and editorial strategy). I've learned to arm myself with every tool to prepare and adapt to the changing environments and audiences of digital. In the past, I have helped the biggest media companies like Condé Nast, Time Inc., and Al Jazeera shift from tradition to innovation through storytelling and strategy. 

Stories are my m.o. and I always start with the question why. I tell stories that foster the spirit of community and culture - bringing people just a little closer. I've lived and worked in New York City, Singapore, South Korea, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Spain, London, Geneva, and the Middle East. 

I have a working knowledge of Korean, Spanish, and rudimentary skills in Arabic, French and Mandarin. 



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