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Cape Town, South Africa

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Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a photographer and journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is interested in the intersection of marginalized populations, geopolitics, and conflict. She currently works as a freelancer.

After graduating with a double major in International Relations and African Studies, she began perusing visual journalism with the strong belief that the world is better served when complicated, important stories are told through accessible methods.

She also shoots travel and lifestyle assignments, in addition to news and features.

Her portfolio lives here: http://www.emmakathleenmurray.com/



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I was commissioned by Ethiopian Airlines' Selamta Magazine to shoot a feature on Toronto's Junction neighbourhood for their 2017 July-August Edition

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Portrait, Betty: This images was taken as a series examining stories told by Canadian youth living and working in communities different from those in which they were born or from which they are descended

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Istanbul, Turkey, 2016: A man stares into a camera broadcasting a democracy rally in Istanbul’s Taxsim Square. Nightly gatherings were held in the square for 23 evenings following the July 15th failed coup d'état.

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