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Juba, South Sudan

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Emmanuel Obeid

Emmanuel Obeid is a journalist based in Juba, South Sudan. I do freelancing and video documentaries, radio packages and breaking news are part of my strong abilities. I am based in Juba but incase a story is needed from other parts of the country i am ready to deliver


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Nutritionist reports decrease of malnutrition in camps Action Against Hunger or AAH nutritionist says number of malnutrition cases in Bidi Bidi refugee camps have reduced compared to the first days of influx.


Poor menstrual hygiene management forces girls out of schools in camps Some school girls in Bidi Bidi refugee camps in Uganda have decided to drop out of school due to poor menstrual hygiene management.


South Sudanese Refugees raise concern over increase in child marriage in camps Some refugees in Bidi Bidi camps in Uganda have raised concerns over increase in the number of marriage of underage girls. A secondary student, Flora Joseph, tells CRN that the issue of teenage pregnancy and underage marriage in the camps has become something major to worry about. She attributes early marriage to frustration due to the sudden change in environment, lack of good education and parental guidance.

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