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Evan J. Pretzer

Evan James Pretzer is a journalist and multimedia professional currently living in the Edmonton region of Alberta. He holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast production and also has a master’s in journalism which he earned at American University in Washington, D.C.

After working for three years as a local broadcaster in Canada, he left to begin his college experience in the United States. Since then, he's been fortunate to work on various projects in multiple forms of media. To date, Evan has provided national coverage of the first Trump inauguration for the Regina-Leader Post and is currently a reporter and columnist for The Stony Plain Reporter and Spruce Grove Examiner.

When not working on professional projects, Evan enjoys writing, playing video games, spending time with his dog and exploring wherever he is presently residing. Please feel free to take a look at his work on evanjpretzer.com and contact him with any questions you have.




As my colleague here put it in his column last week, “I am outraged over all the outrage.” Right now, I slightly feel the same about the UCP’s Jason Kenney. In this item, I penned an argument saying that, while his comments on gay rights from the ’80s were horrifying, his actions since show significant change and people should still be allowed to go and mature.


I wrote this piece during my time at American University with a peer for a special project we did as a class for the 2016 election. It was interesting to collaborate in such a manner and I am open to doing more of this in the future.


In this piece, I did a bit of investigating and uncovered unintentional misconduct at a government organization which used loopholes to get ahead of private business and didn’t follow rules set by the state.


With this story, I spoke to a U.S. Congressman on his legislation and asked him challenging questions. I can handle interviewing officials who may be seen by others as likely to dodge questions.


I pitched this to the Regina Leader-Post before President Donald Trump was inaugurated and had the article initially ran by them before it was picked up by major Canadian media outlets like the Montreal Gazette.

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