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George Al-Koura

George Al-Koura is a freelance journalist based in Ottawa, Canada. 
A second-generation Palestinian-Canadian, George received his Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) in Politics and Psychology from the Royal Military College of Canada. George began his military career when he joined the Primary Reserve component of the Canadian Armed Forces on 24 March 2005 in Kingston, later becoming a Communications Research Operator while concurrently attending university in 2007. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies in 2012, George took a component transfer to the Regular Force, working as a Regional Targets Analyst for the Middle East and North Africa with the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (CFIOG).  A Middle East subject matter expert, he has authored numerous strategic-level assessments which have been utilized by the highest echelons of personnel within the military, Government of Canada, and Canada’s international partner states. In June 2015, George founded his first company (VandelayAnalytics Inc.) and began working as a contract research analyst and subcontracting recruiter. In May 2016, George began his first endeavor into the AI SaaS realm by signing a partnership agreement with leading AI development firm Larus Technologies. Continuing to work in the AI and cyber security realms, in October 2016, George joined with star entrepreneur Marvin Bedward to help form NTelligence AI Computing Corp, where he is a Founder and the Managing Director. Outside of his own ventures, George also works as a Senior Consultant and Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst with a global cyber security firm.
Outside of professional endeavors, George is a lifelong athlete having played both football and rugby at the university level. He has also competed as an amateur combat athlete in a variety of sports such as wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, and Muay Thai kickboxing for over 15 years.

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