Helena Martínez de Aspe

Helena Martínez de Aspe

Chantada, Spain

Available: Yes

Helena Martínez de Aspe

I am a journalist with almost 10 years experience in the TV industry and strong track record producing, directing, researching, script writing and presenting news, factual reporting and documentaries. I have experience filming in different countries, editing skills, fluency in Spanish, English and Portuguese and I am willing to travel and relocate.


Producing, directing, researching and script writing a 25 min. documentary “A light in the dark: abortion in the Dominican Republic.” A personal project, developed from the beginning: finding stories, booking crew, schedules, budget.


Coverage of the Western Sahara International Film Festival (FiSahara). Researching, producing, script writing, filming and editing.


Margaret Thatcher’s funeral coverage in Spanish for Hispan TV.


Producing a 25 minutes documentary, for Press TV, filmed in a Sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria, “Western Sahara: Last colony in Africa”. Managing budgets, setting up shots, liaising with interviewees and fixers on location, archive footage and overseeing edits.


Producing, researching, presenting and script writing a weekly current affairs series, in Spanish, for Hispan TV, focussing on Latin America. Managing budgets, freelancers in different countries, production schedules, interviewing guests and editorial responsibilities, included reviewing and overseeing edits. Strict deadlines.

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