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Imen Blioua / Imen Bliwa

Imen Blioua is a journalist based in Tunis, Tunisia.
WhatsApp : +21653660283
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I am a freelance journalist also a qualified interpreter and translator 
I got my Master degree in translation, English, Arabic and French 
I have been working as a journalist and translator as well as a fixer for more than 6 years with foreign media in Tunisia

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المعرض الوطني للزربية والنسيج المحفوف والالياف النباتية بتونس، معرض الكرم مارس 2021، عودة الصناعات التقليدية الى الحياة POSTED ON MARCH 15, 2021 UPDATED ON MARCH 15, 2021 الصناعات التقليدية التونسية بمعرض الكرم الدولي من 12 إلى 21 مارس 2021 والحرفيين يع

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17 December is not an official national day, but the Tunisian people are celebrating it! POSTED ON DECEMBER 23, 2020 The Tenth Anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution; Peaks and Valleys One of the fruit sellers who used to work with Mohamed Bouazizi,

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Rio 2016 gold medallist Raoua Tlili is one of the local idols in action as Tunisia hosts one of the most traditional Para athletics GPs in the circuit ⒸGetty Images By Imen Bliwa | For World Para Athletics Africa’s largest Para sport competition kicks off


Is Freedom of Expression Worth Dying For? Things I really want to talk about, a storm in my head just starts the moment I closed my eyes. More than 16 dead marking the revolution day in Egypt, what for? They went there just to commemorate martyrs and remember the Egyptian revolution, only to become martyrs of the failed revolution! Social media immediately shared shocking picture of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh, who was in Tahrir Square, and who only went to commemorate and to celebrate the revolution.



  • Paralympic Champions, challenges and success stories of heros who made it against all odds

    Tunis, Tunisia Film & Theatre, Entertainment & Celebrity, Sports, Health & Fitness, Paranormal, Investigative Reporting, Research, Social, Cultural August 1 @ 12:00am

    Paralympic Champions, the one you might feel sorry for and think you are lucky you are not like them. Just to discover they made it against all odds, World Champions who made it nationally and internationally are willing to tell their secret recipes of success and how they challenge all prejudges... Read more

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