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Jonah Spell

I am a young and very talented writer that can write anything truly, from novels, to poetry, articles and advice columns, documentaries and even movie screenwriting. 

I also am a student for digital filmmaking so I have very accurate and proclaimed editing skills as well for movies and video productions. 

Since I'm starting out I will naturally be cheaper but I promise you wont be disappointed


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Sample #2 Possibly a couple weeks back a videogame called Mighty No. 9 now this game was low radar on release and knowing the backstory of the development of this game has shined the hyper onto me so I am going to give you my lovely readers the same shine. Now this game is a close mimic of the original Megaman series Keiji Inafune created. Looking into this game you would think that this is a Indie developer who was inspired by the megaman series right? WRONG, no Keiji Inafune is actually the writer to Mighty No. 9, it was said that Inafune didn't like the way Megaman was being made now and wanted it to go back to the original style of play. Though he wanted to recreate his orginal masterpiece he no longer has rights to his beloved character, thus spawned the birth of Mighty No. 9 a very similar take to the orginal Megaman style of play with a modern day twist, the game is definetly a throwback and any megaman fan will love. The game is a beautiful recreation of everybodies favor

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So naturally out and about I came across rumors of the possibly upcoming expansion of the second generation of Pokémon Go. Now this has become the whole new hype for the globally renowned and mobile phenomenon that was released just a few short weeks ago, now the release date is ensure but I personally give it awhile before Nintendo releases the next gen since the app is doing so well now, they will possibly use it as a reboot once sales go down, Nintendo knows how to play it smart so truly I can safely bet they have things under their sleeves. Now the major question is will they make the expansion something you have to pay for? or will it be just a free update? I would personally like to think that they will keep the app free because it would loose a lot of following if they were to make it a pay to play truly for the next gen. Truly I have my fingers crossed and hope Nintendo keeps striving for its fans in this outstanding success, because truly this mobile app has a lot of potential

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