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Joris van Gennip

Joris van Gennip (1987) is a Dutch independent photojournalist based in Istanbul, covering (breaking) news and producing photo stories related to social issues and aftermaths of conflicts.

Next to working for Dutch daily De Volkskrant, he often collaborates with NGO's such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and MSF amongst others in order to bring social awareness to the public.

His recent coverage on the Yellow Jacket Protests in France, the wildfires in Greece and the 2018 Turkey Elections all got nominated for the Zilveren Camera Awards, the largest photo contest of The Netherlands.

He earned a nomination for the 6×6 Global Talent Program of the World Press Photo Foundation and attended the esteemed NOOR Masterclass of 2017 in Amsterdam. led by Pep Bonet, Yuri Kozyrev and Sebastian Liste.


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On the 18th of november 2016, a far-right mob attacked the volunteer run Souda camp (seen on this photo). The assailants threw petrol bombs, fireworks and stones and assaulted some of the volunteers leaving some injured and damaging one of the tents. The Aegean islands are home to around 10 000 refugees and migrants from all over the world. Since the `EU-Turkey Refugee Deal` the influx has been decreased but not stopped. This causes tensions to a part of the Chios population and the refugees/immigrants. A German couple who owned a holiday house on the eastern part told me “In the beginning they would come and go quickly so we helped them. Now they are staying, we don’t want that”.


Photo essay on the aftermath of hurricane Irma on the Island of Sint Maarten.


Venezuela has long been held hostage by a political and economic crisis. In recent months, the demonstrations flared up again. The Venezuelan is fed up with it. After years chosen the diplomatic channels, the Venezuelans have been left behind with food and medicine shortages and a huge inflation. Last weeks the demonstrations in Venezuela increased. Daily masses of people take to the streets, streets are blocked and protesters come face to face with the police and army. 40 people were killed so far. from and how people see their future. A report from a broken-down- revolution.


List of recent en non-recent publications in various Dutch media such as newspapers and magazines.

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