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Tucson, United States of America

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Jurriaan van Eerten

Jurriaan van Eerten is a Dutch journalist based in Tucson, Arizona. He travelled a lot throughout the USA and Latin America for a wide variety of Dutch and international media. He writes about social and environmental issues, and has a strong focus on the human interest in his stories.


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For Al Jazeera English, I worked on a story about vigilante groups in the Peruvian mountains. These 'rondas campesinas' have taken law into their own hands, because they believe the police and government do not provide enough protection against criminality. Together with a photographer I contacted the national leader of the rondas, and afterwards followed a group of rondas in the city of Cajamarca.


For Al Jazeera English, I followed two Bolivian female miners during their work inside an informal mine. Local superstitions has it that the devil, who reigns over the mines, doesn't like women entering. So when the women started working they had to fight this superstition besides the racism which women normally encounter in the mining world.

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