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Yangon, Burma

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Katie Arnold

I am a multimedia journalist with professional experience in both field and studio news production. I work internationally and find compelling ways to tell stories on human rights issues. My videos are shot on a Sony PXW-X70 and Sony A7R ii which provides full broadcast quality material and I take still photographs on the A7R ii. I hold up-to-date Surviving Hostile Regions and Emergency First Aid certificates and a clean driving license. Although currently based in Kyrgyzstan, I am available for commission worldwide. For more examples of my work, please visit www.katiearnold.co.uk



We follow a hunter as he goes after endangered leopards, bears and pythons to stock Myanmar's growing medicinal markets.


Renewed tension and violence between Myanmar's Rohingya and Rakhine people sound alarm of a start of a new conflict.


With a new government plan to arm Rakhine Buddhist civilians, Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar fear the worst.


Military uses indiscriminate violence in pursuit of Al Yaqeen fighters who demand equal rights for Rohingya Muslims.


Hidden in the jungle of Myanmar, more than 1,000 pagodas adorned with Buddhas and celestial beings break up the foliage. Nyaung Ohak and the ruins of Shwe Inn Thein are home to these sacred towers, which date back to around the fourteenth century. While local Buddhists are working to preserve this sacred ground, many of the towers are slowly crumbling away.


Thousands of young women and girls are leaving rural villages in Myanmar in search of work abroad. Though some manage to earn a good living as domestic workers, many fall prey to traffickers who trap them in a cycle of debt bondage.


Tin Aung Lay is a Rohingya Muslim living for the past four years in an internally displaced camp in Sittwe's Rakhine State, western Myanmar. He's fighting for a better life by learning English.


Every Monday night, a group of punks hand out food for the homeless in Yangon, Mynamar. Kyaw Kyaw is part of a collective of punks called Common Street that forms the local branch of U.S.-based “Food not Bombs,” that hands out food to the needy.


One of Myanmar's most important lakes and cultural sites is under assault from development and climate change. One man is trying to turn things around.

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