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Khalid Leo FAKHAR

Khalid FAKHAR (Leo) has been working in the film and television industry for over twenty- five years. He holds a  Master of Advanced Studies Degree in Linguistics & Semiotics and currently works as a journalist & producer with international televisions & Press agencies in Morocco & West Africa. He constantly strives to achieve the best possible result in any given situation.

Khalid began his career in journalism in 1993 with the written press in Moroccan and Arab newspapers and magazines, and in 1996 he began a weekly program for the Moroccan television channel in the field of ecology and wildlife in Morocco (26′ weekly “al Biia WA Nas”). 

Since 1999 he has devoted his professional career to the service of international television channels when they film in Morocco. Working on: Documentaries, TV Reports, Live events, Investigations… And since 2010, he has visited several countries in Africa as a War Reporter on behalf of several European and American television channels. He’s Bilingual (English, French & Arabic), Writer & plastic artist.

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Back in the 1960s, miners unearthed an unexpected object in MoroccoSource: CNN Shooting & Production


Arab Hope Makers - Morocco Services: Shooting & Editing Aired on: Dubai TV 2017


Protecting the Barbary macaques' Rif mountains won't work without the support of locals. Conservationists visit schools and bring medical aid to remote areas to enlist the people in the fight to save the primates. Camera operator & Fixer: Khalid FAKHAR 2016


The taboo topic of HIV, particularly how to prevent it and treat it, rarely surfaces in public ways in Muslim societies, but religious leaders across Morocco are trying to change that. Ray Suarez reports. Camera operator: Khalid FAKHAR For PBS TV - USA 2010


Director: Monica Pinna Cameraman & Fixer: Khalid FAKHAR Sound: Eric De Larochette Aired on Euronews Sept 2010 - Program: TERRA VIVA


During the past four years I have traveled a lot through a beautiful country: Mali. Many memories and incredible encounters. My greetings to all my friends and especially to Mamet KEITA. Images from the footage archive that I shot for TV station from Germany. (Format: EXDCAM - Full HD)

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