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Kit Gillet

Kit Gillet is a Bucharest-based correspondent, writing for The New York Times, Guardian, Economist and others. He's also a regular commentator for the likes of the BBC World Service, Monocle radio, Al Jazeera, France 24 and others.



Al Jazeera interview in relation to the Aug 10, 2018, protests in Bucharest that turned violent and resulted in 450 seeking medical help.


All European Union countries must recognize same-sex marriage, at least in relation to immigration cases where one partner is a citizen of the bloc, its highest court ruled on Tuesday.


The graffiti in a northwestern town in Romania — ugly, obscene and anti-Semitic — was clearly meant to shock. It was scrawled late Friday evening on the outside wall of the childhood home of a man who had been imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp and spent the rest of his life preaching against hate: the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.


Antigovernment protests in the Romanian capital turned violent Friday night as the police clashed with protesters, using tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. More than 240 people, including some security personnel, were reported injured.


Romania Set for First Female, and First Muslim, Prime Minister


After just three weeks in power, Romania’s new prime minister, Sorin Grindeanu, could look out of his window to see a crowd estimated at hundreds of thousands of people carrying banners reading: “You have succeeded in uniting us”. Unfortunately for Mr Grindeanu, they did not mean it in a good way.


Romania’s Leaders Back Down, but Protesters Aren’t Going Anywhere


Protesters in Romania denounce plan to decriminalise misconduct offences


Pro-Russian candidates win in Bulgarian and Moldova presidential elections, in a worrying trend for the region, perhaps further emboldening Vladimir Putin.


The anger that erupted over a deadly nightclub fire spilled onto the streets of Bucharest last week and saw key government leaders resign.


Outrage Ripples Through Romania After Government’s Collapse


Dozens killed in fireworks accident at Bucharest nightclub.


Bringing in the scalps: the woman leading Romania's war on corruption.

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