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Loic Samuel Amoni Koona Youth


I'm Loic Samuel A.K Youth, a journalist who recently worked at Voice of America, Washington DC. I a moving to Ethiopia temporarily where I will be hoping to cover stories ranging from politics to agriculture.

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I created this web video after one of the VOA reporters came back from Sierra Leone. While out there he talked to locals in Liberia about the Ebola crisis and how they dealt with the huge amounts of corpses being left behind by the illness.


A young man from Oklahoma, passionate about service, started an initiative called the GMV project. His goal is to create a fund for Haiti in order to invest in the country and make it self-sustainable in the next decade or so. He has been in touch with Haitian businessmen in the USA as well as mayors, Congressmen and Senators all will an interest in the island's wellbeing.

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