Luis Costa Ribas

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Boston, United States of America

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VOA Portugues

Luis Costa Ribas

Luis Costa Ribas, based in Boston, USA, is an award winning journalist, new media editor, and television correspondent with 37 years’ experience in the U.S. and abroad, highly skilled in articulating complex concepts. Ability to effectively communicate varying but integrated messages to reach different audiences.  Diverse international background. Works on a wide variety of subjects and stories, from conflict to politics, international stories and natural disasters, in live shots or backgrounders. Traveled to more than 50 countries. Fluent in English, Portuguese, some Spanish.



California couple held 13 children hostage


2016 Democratic Convention


Trump 2016 Convention speech


Live from Haiti after 2010 earthquake


Obama's second inaugural speech


China visit by UN Secretary-General


Selection process for the next UN secretary general

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