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Lydia Heida

I am a journalist and photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Specialised in: resource efficiency, recycling, renewable energy and food. Publications: Yale Environment 360, the largest quality newspaper of the Netherlands (de Volkskrant), Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Professional Engineering Magazine, GreenBiz and many more. I write in English and Dutch. My articles have been translated into various languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Japanese.



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In 2011, I started to explore which technologies were being developed to recycle the most notorious waste material of our time: carbon dioxide. It led to the discovery of an unknown Icelandic company that was building the world’s first industrial-scale plant to recycle carbon dioxide from flue stack emissions into fuel by using renewable energy. This research is still ongoing. Currently, many innovations to recycle carbon dioxide are moving out of the lab and are being scaled up. For example, Dutch company DyeCoo has developed the first technology worldwide to dye textiles by using supercritical carbon dioxide instead of water. This eliminates the discharge of chemically polluted waste water. More than 50 media, such as Zeit Online, Wall Street Journal and GreenBiz, linked to or reviewed my story about DyeCoo, which was written for Yale Environment 360. See my articles: And my images:


My articles can be read here: Topics: resource efficiency, recycling, renewable energy and food.

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