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Prishtina, Pristina District

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Majlinda Aliu

Majlinda Aliu is a journalist based in Prishtina.



"Trapped in Black, Balkan War Widows" is a journalistic research that covered topic previously unexplored in the mainstream media. War widows throughout Europe may have shared a common fate, but their subsequent life experiences – from socially conservative Kosovo to liberal England –are radically different. In this article I have researched the social conditions and taboos which influence Kosovo’s widows’ unwillingness to get re-married. The article tackles the fact that women in Kosovo continue to be discriminated against, focusing on the double standards applied to women and men when it comes to re-marriage. The research was centred in Kosovo with trips to Croatia and Great Britain.


This article was published in Austrian daily "Der Standard" in September 2011. The article analyze the work of International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ICTY.


"Trapped in Black, Balkan War Widows" was one of my articles which was published in various media outlet, such as Der Standard, Aljazeera, Balkan Insight etc, the story won the First Award from Balkan Fellowship Journalistic Excellence.


This story was broadcast in RTK in April 2015. The story analyze the tragedy of air crash ( the Germanwings case) It presents the rights of passengers and steps the families can take for compensation when accident happens and also it explain responsibilities of institutions.


This story was broadcast in Radio Television of Kosovo (public broadcaster) in September 2012. The story represent the level of poverty in Kosovo. This story was awarded with "Poverty Prize 2012-Best TV story" from United Nation Kosovo Team.

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