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MANIGHA YUH is a journalist based in Yaounde, Cameroon.
He has over five years of practical experience with the state broadcaster the Cameroon Radio Television. With a dedicated spirit and quest for balance in newswriting and reporting,Manigha sees beyond Just telling the story that changes lives. The journalist who airs and prints in English and French has the affective interest for stories that reveal the plight of the common man. He writes for a couple of local newspapers such as The Guardian Post, The Post, The Horizon and The Voice.This love to express feelings through real life experiences, immaginative and creative writing is backed by his rich educational background. He holds a BA in English language specialized in British Literature and a BA in Journalism from The Universities of Yaounde I and II respectively. MANIGHA REGOBERT as an anchor man of CRTV's flagship international news programme "Beyond the Frontiers" has gained wider knowledge of global politics especially with stories linked to political succession in Subsaharan Africa. He has conceived a good number of his programmes before and after the military takeover in Mali while dedicating much for Cote d'Ivoire too. He Closely followed the 2020 presidential election in the US and one of his programmes had as guest a lecturer from the American University of Paris. As a news caster and writer Regobert reads wider to master the least impact of communication. He was CRTV's multimedia  reporter at the 2019 International Film and Cinema festival in Ouagadougiu.

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