Marah Rayan

Marah Rayan

Barcelona, Spain

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Marah Rayan

Marah Rayan is a media graduate from the university of Salamanca, is a journalist and documentary film maker in Barcelona, Spain.


Arabic English Spanish

Interview with Alghad TV about the situation in Catalonia, speaking in arabic


Interview with France 24 about the situation in catalonia. Using the arabic language.


interview with TRT world for the latest on the Catalan situation


My TEDx talk in Valladolid where I talk about my life as a stateless refugee and my project to create a bridge between western society and eastern society through useful and simple means like the smart phone and the internet to connect with the world and represent ourselves away from the unfair representation of the media.


Referendum en Barcelona para La Nación mas


For TRT World


Covering the aftermath of the referendum for TRT world


Covering the Referendum for TRT world


A documentary about gender violence told from the point of view of two survivors in Salamanca, Spain.


A documentary about the situation of refugees in Salamanca, Spain.



  • Talented refugees and how to find them

    Barcelona, Spain Investigative Reporting May 1 @ 12:00am

    We've reached 2018 and refugee crisis is still in full force. Many countries are still struggling with the amount of refugees they have without being able to find a way to incorporate them into the society or integrate them. We also have the debate about economic refugees and what is right and wrong... Read more

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