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Nairobi, Kenya

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Short advocacy video for UNHCR about the current refugee and migrant crisis on the Mediterranean sea shot via the DJI Phantom3 and the Sony A7R.


South Sudan got its independence formally on the 9th of June 2011. The worlds youngest nation was lift to a pedestal by the international community that hoped that the conflict between the northern part of Sudan and the South would be a thing of the past. Many South Sudanese refugee's, grown up in Europe, neighboring countries or even the United States returned in the hope to built a new life in their home country. Today, fighting has resumed between rivaling factions in the central government and the general euphoria has shifted to a weary fear of the future.


5 part documentary series shot for UNHCR and Channel 4 News about Hany, a young, smart and determined Syrian refugee, traveling from the settlements in Lebanon to the city of Regina in Canada. Episode one here, the rest you can find at . Concept and producing: Zahra Mackaoui, Camera: Marc Hofer

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