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Barcelona, Spain

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mario magarò

Mario Magarò is a print, tv and radio journalist and a documentary producer currently based in Barcelona. Between August 2010 and December 2014 he worked in the Andean Region, covering politics, economics, social end environmental issues among others.



Crisi e cocaina, quegli italiani detenuti in Perù. L'Espresso news magazine.


Peru's black community has long been marginalised - with only two per cent graduating from university and many complaining of discrimination in the job market. Now, the government has launched an affirmative action plan to try to change that. AFP news agency.


Unmanned drones often bring up images of targeted killings in remote regions of Pakistan and Yemen. But in Peru, drones are being successfully used to monitor crops and study ancient ruins. AFP news agency.


The 'cuy', or guinea pig, is a traditional food of the Peruvian Andes. The meat of the little animal has seen a gastronomic boom in recent years, not only in Peru but also in the United States. AFP news agency.

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