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Chiasso, Switzerland

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Marta Brambilla

I'm starting out right now my new carreer as journalist. I have no previous experience in this particular field, but on the other side I've spent the last 10 years working as a freelance translator translating, among others, many reports and journalistic texts. For a while I've also worked as a translator for the European Journalism Observatory based in Lugano, Switzerland. At present, I'm self-studying to acquire all those skills I do not have and trying to integrate this new profession with my existing one. I know it is not much to offer, but the 10 years (and still going) of freelancing as translator have thought me important professional and life lessons like punctual delivery of texts, endurance, late-night working hours, and above all passion for what I do.
Among the reasons why I would like to change my carreer path is the fact that, after a trip from Switzerland to Japan by motorcycle I've accomplished solo in 2014, I've found out that I want to write my own texts instead of translating things and thoughts others wrote.
My native language is Italian, and I am proficient in English and German. I can also comunicate in French and, at a quite basic level, in Spanish, too. With my trip I've crossed Russia, where I've spent 2 months, and this gave me a good glimpse in this amazing and giant country (and its culture).
After my arrival in Japan at the end of August 2014, I've spent 9 months there - 3 of which at a Zen temple. This experience completed my studies of the Japanese language and culture I started back in 2003 and finished in 2007 with a Bachelor as cultural mediator/translator for German, English and Japanese.


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