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Nicosia, Cyprus

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Maureen Murori

Maureen Murori is a Kenyan, Cyprus-based freelance journalist who writes stories that inspire change. 

She has submitted articles on start-ups, technology, personal profiles, business/entrepreneurship, art, finance, and women, among others. 

You can find some of her bylines here: @africanexponent, @TheExchangeEA, @SheLeadsAfrica, @KITF_Ug, and @AfricanGreenmag.

She has skills in researching, interviewing, writing, voicing, editing and photography.


English Swahili

This portfolio is the work of Maureen Murori. Some of the articles are the property of the media organization whose name appears on the document. The samples are used as a demonstration of my skills and work.


As people are becoming skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing campaigns, influencer marketing comes in as a powerful tool. People are turning to their peers and influencers they already follow for advice on products and services.

Sample image

I love how cats can look gentle and fierce at the same. Taken in Kenya.


“What I believe is when you get to commit yourself to your dream and you know how big your dream is, that is what tells you how high to jump,” Gatobu advises.


An enthusiast of Internet of Things (IoT) Mukira Gitonga, a young Kenyan student has unveiled a smart home system application, that can help "to detect any malfunction like fire and automatically cut-out the gas supply to the house", among other things.


This is an in depth analysis as to the reasons why African leaders overstay their leadership.



This is a Swahili-voice over for a radio feature item I produced as part of a training on Radio Scripting with Farm Radio International.


Ukulima Tech has made urban farming in Nairobi and its environs easier, and more enjoyable. The company specializes in vertical farming, a method that uses small spaces and still provides adequate yields to farmers.

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