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Md Nazrul Islam

Hey🖐! This is Md. Nazrul Islam (aka SocialMusker; A Man Who Loves💜 You!) is a multi-business serial ContentPreneur (entrepreneur) with my recent business success founding the company "MUSKLY"; Editor-In-Chief at; Have been working across blogging, Digital journalism, SEO driven TECH ‘DigitalPR’, MarTech & inbound Content Marketing since 2012⚡️. 

✔️ I oversee (🤓) the remote Content team and create content strategies for clients, helping business owners realize their vision through results and DATA-DRIVEN content 📈.

As you can see how the Famous French magazine -'' has featured our Business story (✍️), titled as- "How SocialMusker Became an Entrepreneur from an Employee and Succeeded Running a Content Marketing Company, MUSKLY"

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👉 What if your company/product could run a “PR and personalized content marketing” campaign that generates 3X more leads and sales, 13x positive ROC (Return-on-Content ✌️) with positive media exposures that improve your SERPs (SEO), and also 62% cost-effective 🤑💥?

✋ Well, I’d love to show you 💪 how our ‘PR & content marketing campaign’ with link building approach can help your business grow 🚀 with a positive ROC (ROI)! 
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As a hands-on ThoughtLeadership Content Expert with a deep passion for SaaS, Tech, building scalable products & remote teams, product development, creativity & innovation. SocialMusker has worked with over 50+ companies globally.


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