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Mohammed Azad majeed

Mohammed Azad majeed is a Vdeo journalist based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.
studied geology science from university of sulaimaneih 2013
worked with Waarmedia 5 years , Videography and Video Editor
work with goethe institute iraq by freelance ,Videographer and Video editor
worked for reuters by freelance ,Video Producer and Videographer
work for VOA kurdish service by freelance , Videographer and Video Editor

English Kurdish
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Voice of America - Kurdish


story feature for waarmedia


Language classes unite communities in Iraq's Kurdistan In Iraq's northern Kurdistan region, youths from different communities learn each other's languages to increase social cohesion as many Arabic-speaking people settle in Sulaimaniya


Malagueña Daroon Othman Malagueña is a famous musical piece by the Cuban Pianist “Ernesto Lecuona”. The Flamenco Guitarist “Sabicas” arranged the piece to be played by the Guitar. This particular musical piece has been played by a number of countries worl


Daroon Othman and Suzie Auclair , Choro


Forgotten Heritage , Video Documentary

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