Mohammed Ismael

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Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Mohammed Ismael

Mohammed Ismael
A journalist based in Cairo Governorate, Egypt.

I have been and would like to continue being an efficient member of a successful and productive team in the field of journalism. I am a quick learner, flexible to acquire new skills including high-impact data visualization. I am an enthusiastic, proactive and skilled journalist ready to provide coverage on versatile topics including open source material and feature stories. I received intensive media monitoring training as well as media planning training. 

I am also able to provide idiomatic translation of news items and editorials from Arabic into English and vice-versa. I am a self-motivated Content Writer, Journalist and Translator, able to work under pressure, able to work without or with least supervision.

I have got managerial skills and a creative mind. I am also able to work for long hours and able to work effectively in a multinational professional environment.


Arabic English

Coverage of social media quarrel between famous Arab satellite channel anchors based on their different backgrounds (Islamist and scular)


Several stories from English speaking newspapers based on fresh dreams of an English instructor, a Syrian girl and a man called Egypt Dzinemunenzva wishing to succeed Robert Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe


Report on soccer teams qualified to paly Geem Satellite Channel Cup (2) Finals

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