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Munyaradzi Makoni

Munyaradzi Makoni is a journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa. His stories on agriculture, climate change, environment, higher education, politics, science and technology, science policy and religion have appeared in  SciDev.Net, Thompson Reuters Foundation, Africa Renewal, Research Africa, Moto Magazine, The Tablet, Inter Press Service, Intellectual Property Watch, University World News, OkayAfrica among others.


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It’s a race against death. A contest against time. N!uu, a 25,000-year-old San language faces extinction. Three surviving elders, all sisters, the youngest being 80 years old, are the remaining speakers of the language in South Africa’s Northern Cape province, among the #Khomani San community.


CAPE TOWN, South Africa, July 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A motorbike accident two years ago in the Cape Town suburb of Milnerton left Pascal Kassongo with a leg fracture, multiple cuts and a written-off bike, crippling his courier business. Two weeks in hospital, followed by several more of physiotherapy and recovery, drove the father of four into near destitution. Too weak to buy and deliver goods to clients, his opportunity to earn 300-400 rand ($24.40-$32.60) a day was gone. "Amandla!" Project, later provided him with the Ecoboxx a lightweight, portable power supply, charged with two solar panels, that can provide 50 hours of power which he used to run a small business.


CAPE TOWN, Jul 28 2015 (IPS) - Anti-nuclear energy activists are up in arms, and have taken to vigils outside South Africa’s parliament in Cape Town to protest against President Jacob Zuma’s push for nuclear development. The protest has been building since September 2014 when Zuma struck a deal with Russia’s Rossatom to build up to eight nuclear power stations in South Africa. As the protests mount, the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), an interdenominational faith-based environment initiative led by Bishop Geoff Davies, has said the government’s nuclear policy is not only foolish but immoral.


Charles Dhewa loved to write about agriculture, especially soil and crops. In early 2000 he decided to turn his words into action by becoming a cattle and horticulture farmer in Zimbabwe. He bought a small farm in Marondera, a town about an hour’s drive from the capital, Harare. His experience as a farmer enriched his writing, as he articulated issues in agriculture in ways that appealed to smallholder farmers. In 2012, Mr. Dhewa’s knowledge systems company, Knowledge Transfer Africa, combined with Afrosoft Holdings, a software development company, to launch the service eMkambo, which is the first initiative in Zimbabwe to serve agriculture through information and communications technology (ICT).


Thanks to robotic gliders, the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory (SOCCO) researchers under the South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) are observing the ocean’s physical processes, studying their impacts on carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and ocean, and the growth of phytoplankton – microscopic algae that live on the ocean surface.

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