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Kampala, Uganda

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Nangayi Guyson

Nangayi Guyson is an Investigative  Journalist based in Kampala, Uganda. He writes about environmental,social life, business, humanitarian, religious and political issues from around the African continent.   
His work has appeared on, Aljazeera English, African Arguments ,  Earth Island Journal ,Think Africa Press , The London Evening Post, Shout-Africa, AllVoices, All Africa, Investigator Uganda, Grand report, and elsewhere.
He is currently a freelancer correspondent at Informer East Africa, a UK based diaspora Newspaper connecting East Africans at home and abroad through news dissemination.

He enjoys media interviews, press trips and assignments, working in war torn areas, researching and investigating on current issues arising in the media.
He is always available for Freelance Work and respects the deadlines.



Why are Uganda's schools disappearing? Government investigators claim land ministries are giving public school land to private developers


Born-again churches in Africa are becoming ever more popular, politically powerful, and lucrative. But criticism may also be growing.


Wealthy and elite individuals with strong political and economic ties main drivers of deforestation


Women give life and so to put the most private symbols of motherhood into the public arena is to negate that life and to say those in power are dead to society.”



  • Uganda's Poor Waste Management Policy Turning Kampala into a City of illegal Dumping

    Kampala, Uganda Science & Environment February 29 @ 12:00am

    Late this December, five men pushing wooden wheelbarrows full of garbage to an illegal dumping site in a Kampala suburb got into a scuffle with the landowner and their wheelbarrows were confiscated for illegal dumping. Scuffles about illegal dumping are very common in all slum areas of Uganda’s... Read more

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