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Madrid, Spain

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Natalia López

Natalia López is a journalist based in Madrid, Spain, fluent in english and spanish native speaker. Focussed on the millennials market, and specialized in finnance & business issues, travels, culture and global development. Natalia López is also keen on photography. Natalia López lives between Madrid, and Oviedo (Asturias, north of Spain).



Enchufes y amiguismos: el mercado laboral español solo funciona para las élites (Headline) About the non-educational barriers in the Ellite Professional Services, and the inequality of opportunities for working class graduates. Sobre el problema de la desigualdad de oportunidades en España.


Los créditos rápidos son los nuevos rastros de la usura (Titular). About de risks of payaday loans/ Sobre los riesgos de los créditos rápidos.

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