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Nico Muñoz

As a director and producer Nico is a committed seeker of artistic balance and impact. In a time where many take the easy way, he always leads his audience to introspection and questioning. The topics of his productions show a deep concern about social issues. 
He has made long and short documentaries for Broadcasters, such as BBC, Aljazeera, Fusion, VRT, ARTE, France 2, Spicee, Univision, CCTV as well as independent productions. 
Nico is also an experienced video journalist that has been working as a freelancer, gathering News and Features for AP Television for 15 years. 
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he regularly gets commissioned both nationally and internationally to cover current affairs and breaking news assignments by multiple foreign broadcasters. Such as: the World Cup in South Africa and relevant stories in the region: Miner's Rescue, Chile's Earthquake, Volcanoes, Chavez Funeral,elections etc. He also accomplished two Antarctic expeditions for independent film projects. 
Gradually his passion for documentaries dragged him away from breaking news spot and now he explores new formats in order to captive curious audiences.

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"We're the only crazy people with an antenna." The Argentine radio station that broadcasts from a psychiatric ward. A group of Argentines diagnosed with mental illness set up a radio station from where they broadcast their experiences.


One Latin American woman's quest to harness the power of the southern sun.


“The dark side of green” tells the story of how the Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, are hit by a booming ethanol sector. Today, the expanding sugarcane monocultures are a new threat to their traditional way of life.


The 84-year-old Argentine is the only inhabitant of Epecuen, a once-popular holiday village that was destroyed by a flood on Nov. 10, 1985. For Fusion Mini - Docs


At Tinka, one of the last surviving marble factories in Latin America, Victor Hugo Chiarlo, has been making little glass balls for more than 50 years. He is trying to preserve a childhood classic that is at risk of disappearing.


Tango versus Tango for Univison. For many locals the Wold Tango Championship goes unnoticed. The stunts contrast with the popular suburban tango.

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