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Nicole Graaf

Nicole Graaf is a German print and radio journalist with a focus on foreign reporting and science reporting.
Being based out of Cologne/Germany she frequently travels to research feature stories across Asia, in Turkey and elsewhere on the globe. 
She focusses on narrative pieces, often with an investigative approach, but is also available for other kind of journalistic work. 
experience in documentary filming and multimedia storytelling as well. 
Also avaliable as panel speaker and journalism trainer.


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While the Syrian-Kurdish city of Kobane was under siege by IS militants hundreds of thousands of inhabitants fled across the border into the small Kurdish dominated town of Suruç in Turkey. The town struggled to accomodate all the refuges while its youth joined the fight for Kobane, many of them returning home soon after– in a coffin. a documentary for German public radio


Every year thousands of young Nepali girls are being trafficked into prostitution in neighboring India. After the earthquake they are even more vulnerable to fall victim to traffickers giving fake promises for a job or marriage. radio documentary for German public radio


Tamil Nadu is one of India's hubs for shoe and leather manufacturing. The companies here are catering to the global market. While factory owners make good profits, poverty stricken women in the surrounding villages sow shoe uppers for as little as 20 Eurocents per hour at home ruining their backs, eyes and hands. International brands who are ordering from here turn a blind eye on the issue pointing to their rules that prohibit employement of homeworkers. But for the factories it's more than easy to get around those rules, because they don't get checked up upon. Radio documentary for German public radio.


Himanshu Patel has done something extraordinary. The young village leader from the state of Gujarat in India has moved his village from a dusty, backward place without proper roads to a modern community with clean drinking water and Wi-fi for everyone, springing up businesses and access to bank accounts and an ATM machine. What makes him more successful than most village leaders in India? – He is simply doing his job. Portrait for German economic magazine "Brand eins"

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