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Oleksandr Rupeta

Oleksandr Rupeta is a Ukrainian photographer working worldwide. He carries out short and long-term projects about political, cultural, and social life in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. His works highlight Ukrainian-Russian conflict, the life of Iranian Jews community, Sufi Community in Northern Cyprus, people with disabilities in Southern African countries, Ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan, etc. The photos appeared in The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, Forbes, Playboy, Newsweek, Independent, Internazionale, China Daily, National Geographic Traveler, and other. Oleksandr Rupeta has cooperated with Associated Press, BBC, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic Ukraine.

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Vlad Kuznetsov, a hero from 95th airborne brigade, is testing his future hand during Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project. He saved life of six colleagues throwing pro-Russian grenade out of their armored vehicle but lost his wrist.

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42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan

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Harvest season at Munali Coffee farm in Zambia

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